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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur also known as KL is a modern metropolis in every sense. Sky scrapers run down the main streets and fantastically crafted dome shaped buildings accompany them. The capital city of Malaysia offers all the treats of Bangkok but in a bigger and more opulent fashion. From gigantic malls to fabulous religious buildings, KL is a feast for those who wish to explore.

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Bringing Cultures Together.  Home to some of the country’s most impressive buildings, Malaysia’s bustling multi-cultural capital has many religious and historical sites, and shopping in some of the largest malls.   The expanse of this metropolis is home to over five million people. Once under British rule, Malaysia was once colonised but since then, it has become the heart of the economic administration for the country. Gaining its independence in 1957, it has retained its heritage and embraced a cosmopolitan culture, attracting thousands of holiday makers every year.
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