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Unexpected Escapes

Published Thursday, 1 January 1970 by Dale Edwards

Unexpected Escapes – Part 1



Medellin, Colombia is known as the city of eternal spring and quite rightfully as the weather never seems to be anything other than just right. Situated in a narrow valley, the city fights its way from the floor and reaches towards the clouds. The life seems to spill from beyond the hills which surround the south American bowl in every direction and runs in the form of terracotta houses from the barrios down to the heart of the city. Most infamous for the thriving drugs business and violence which came with it in the 80’s, the city of Medellin and the Paisa (people of Antioquia) fight tirelessly to reverse the damages of the past.


The City itself is fantastically South American and offers all the historical and cultural traits of neighbouring Cuba for those looking to find out a little more about their destination. What really stands Medellin out from the deprivation which has ravished the poorer parts of the city, is the inherent spirit and passion for growth. The Colombian people move with a constant spring in their step be it from dancing in the moonlight to cheering in the stands of the local soccer teams, there is something entirely consuming about being in Medellin which can’t help but be loved. Come the evenings not only is the city safe but it is littered with parks and sports complexes which have something for everyone. It could be eight on a Thursday evening, and there will be, break-dancing, soccer, basketball, hockey, Zumba, yoga and more all going on in one open facility and you really can just turn up and get involved.



Medellin evokes a feeling within you, it’s the feeling of being a part of something more than just a holiday or trip. You can’t hide away from the culture and spirit in Colombia, meaning Medellin is undoubtedly not for the weak of heart. Getting around isn’t a problem as taxis are as common as they are anywhere across Europe, and importantly much cheaper. As are most things in Medellin, a meal two can be picked up at many of the restaurants and eateries for around five pounds, and that’s including drinks and in most places a couple of courses! The local delicacy Aguardiente or firewater is very much like the rest of Medellin, strong on the senses and filled with passion; therefore it makes a wonderful fuel for the night.


The weekend is when the beautiful people flood into the city, bachata will be performed by every person in sight, as you soon realise everyone in Colombia can dance, and it will go on until the sun bleeds life into the sky once again. Reggaeton is what they are dancing to as it pulsates through the smoke-filled clubs and bars. Once again, it’s all about immersion, especially at the weekend.



The city has a story to tell and passion on its mind; therefore, our honest advice for really enjoying your trip to Colombia is to simply let the vibrations and the ecstasy of life carry you on your way.