How to make the UAE work for you

Published Wednesday, 31 October 2018 by Dale Edwards

How to make the UAE work for you…


Having recently returned from the United Arab Emirates, we thought now might be the best time to fully explain how to best make the desert of opulence work for you. Firstly, we need you to be open-minded about the possibilities of the UAE and the flexibility it brings as a holiday destination. From the metropolitan magnificence of Dubai to the relaxed beach-front resorts of Ras Al Khaimah, there is more to the UAE than meets the eye and we assure you every single digestible chunk of it is fantastic.



So where to start, the Burj? No too predictable. Atlantis? No even more predictable. OK, so we will start with Abu Dhabi, if you’re from Manchester or indeed a fan of the premier league, (Manchester City in particular) you will of almost certainly heard of the heartbeat of the UAE. The truth of the matter is that as Abu Dhabi pumps oil around the bloodstream of the world it is doing all that and more on its own doorstep and in actual fact, during the last economic crash, it was Abu Dhabi who pretty much single-handed rescued Dubai as a project. The thing with Abu Dhabi as a destination, however, is something far subtler than its neighbour, the buildings which reach towards the clouds are few and far between and here the Emirati focusing on building much smaller castle-esque buildings. Opulence is here it’s just much harder to find and that’s not due to hiding the rich away but quite the opposite, here it seems that everyone is just so content and well off in their own way that the money they possess isn’t in your face whatsoever.


Abu Dhabi is no-less of a destination than Dubai and in our opinion, it offers a fantastic middle ground. Where Dubai has the Palm Abu Dhabi has Yas Island, the majestic Yas Hotel sits front and centre, an architects dream with the interior to match. One of the most flawless hotels in the UAE just happens to boast something that none of the others can…It sits directly on top of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix track, with the course viewable from a number of the rooms available. What’s more is that Abu Dhabi has numerous attractions, meaning there is literally days’ worth of things to do with the kids. From Ferrari World, Warner Brothers and Yas Waterworld all offer something different from what you will find in Dubai or indeed Ras Al Khaimah.



We understand that the hustle-bustle isn’t for everyone and that’s why we think Ras Al Khaimah gives the Emirates a little sparkle of versatility. Although the streets surrounding RAK’s many resorts are much more desolate than the other two main emirates, we feel they offer much more character and an accurate look at desert life. The resorts RAK does have to offer are flawless and when priced in direct comparison offer so much more for your money, natural beaches being one of the most sort-after traits for all those heading to the UAE.

When heading to Ras Al Khaimah it is understandable why people chose to visit this part of the world, the guarantee of sunshine all year round seems to only sweeten the bargain as once you arrive here you don’t have to leave your resort at any point as there is simply nothing more relaxing anywhere in the UAE. RAK is only an hour and a half bus journey from Dubai and therefore most of the hotels offer a bus service which will run daily or weekly dependant on the accommodation and the desires of the holidayer. It is incredibly obvious why major brands such as Rixos and Hilton has made the decision to have stunning hotels located in Ras Al Khaimah.



Last but not least, we talk about the gem in the crown of the United Arab Emirates, and debatably the world. Its hard to believe that anywhere offers opulence in anywhere near the frequency of Dubai. If there was a way the roads could be nothing other than solid gold, Dubai would do implement it in a heartbeat. Until you have visited its difficult to fully understand the charm of Dubai, and indeed it can be a few days into your visit before it finally hits you. This is indeed the playground of rich folk from all over the world but at the same time, it isn’t half as in your face as you would imagine. Yes, there are Ferraris, but no more than London, for us it’s more about the finer details that truly define this fantastic place. Everything seems to be done in a certain way and for a certain reason, and every single time that reason is you. From top to bottom Dubai is for the tourist, the foreigner visiting for their first time or their hundredth time. The mall has no logical reason for being so vast or having so many attractions other than to wow and highlight what it is possible to achieve.



It would seem wrong for us to mention certain hotels for being any better than those surrounding as they really are all so brilliant for countless different reasons. For us personally, we would aim somewhere towards the JBR area of Dubai purely as it offers the most Western feel in terms of being able to walk out of your hotel and having an explore without needing to take a taxi. The beaches are wonderful at JBR too and that only adds to the excitement of the place. Obviously, it would be wrong to write off The Palm, purely because have you really been to Dubai if you don’t visit The Palm? Probably not! But as far as Dubai is concerned it really isn’t too fussed over where you choose to spend your time as long as you choose Dubai and marvel in what has been achieved in the heart of the desert.


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