Winter Sun

Published Thursday, 20 September 2018 by Dale Edwards

As the drab English weather comes quite literally flooding in, more and more of us are looking for a winter escape. Warmer climes, something to bring back those fantastical memories of summer is most definitely on the menu for most; therefore we have put together a varied list of five brilliant locations which could bring the winter sun into your life.




First and foremost, we would say Florida, not just because the Flurry of F’s sounds great but for a million and one other reasons. OK, I know what you’re thinking…Disneyland! Yes, of course, Disneyland is an option but let’s leave that on the backburner for now. The ‘Sunshine state’ goes about its business in around 20 Celsius heat all year around therefore life just gravitates towards the fabulous beaches for which it is universally famous. Florida as a state boasts more coastline than any other state apart from Alaska and has major cities such as Miami and Jacksonville situated so perfectly near the shore.


In recent years Florida has revitalised its image, no longer is visiting all about surf and sea, Miami, in particular, has become progressively commercial and increased its ranking globally as a hub for fashion and culture. But for those wanting typical Florida, you have Tampa Bay, where white sand beaches and the relaxing flow of the Mexican Gulf just lapping at your feet is a given. For somewhere in-between the charm of Florida Key’s is second-to-none, a collection of islands connected by an overwater highway bring that wooden beach-bum feel, while also playing home to an abundance of history and entertainment. The snorkelling is unbeatable too.






Rapidly becoming one of Malaysia’s most popular destinations, Langkawi is a jewel of an island which is perfect for any avid traveller’s crown. In complete contrast with Florida, our second winter sun suggestion offers a relaxation overload. The silence of endless beaches and the gentle breeze brushing the Andaman Sea are two features of Langkawi we couldn’t live without. Island life in its purest form, think Thailand but without the masses of tourists and you have Langkawi.


Perhaps one of the most spectacular features of the island is the luscious greenery which runs through it like blood through veins. For the best view of this take a trip to the Skybridge, which is not for the faint-hearted, is a 125-metre pedestrian footbridge set at 700metres above sea level, shows you all the brilliance of the island you could ask for


Dense rainforest, of course, brings fantastic wildlife including monkeys which are more than happy to come down and visit while you sit on the beach. In the evening Dataran Lang forms a brilliant location, Eagle Square is home to a giant Eagle statue in the process of taking flight and offer a great view out into the sea. It is located just a stone's throw away from a popular mall and enough restaurants for you to be satisfied eating until its time to return to your fabulous hotel.





Despite being a tiny island in the Caribbean, Barbados is more than enough excitement to brighten any winter period. Barbados is famed for its heritage, culture and of course the welcoming nature of the locals. An island filled with spirit and happiness is one that should certainly be added and ticked off every must-visit list. Once upon a time, Barbados was a coral island which was forced into the ocean by a volcanic eruption, meaning that the glorious white sand beaches which fringe the entire peninsula are met by coral reefs and fantastic opportunities for snorkelling and diving.


Geologically Barbados is an incredible place, originally being two islands, which were forced together once upon a time. Its coral core means there are countless underground caves and lakes which provide some of the highest clarity water in the world. The Caribbean paradise is a place of dreams, where dancing into the night is as commonplace as the unforgettable beaches. Festivals run throughout the year and allow tourists and locals to celebrate in style, be it beachside, or in one of the many quaint towns, a bayan party is not one to be missed.





With its audacious architecture, spectacular skylines, and futuristic projects (like the raised railway of the Dubai Metro), Dubai is a city like no other. In what is often misunderstood as a ‘billionaire’s playground’, visitors can experience sleek modernity and inspiring tradition in the city’s sumptuous shopping malls and street markets (or souks).


Five-star luxury is indeed the beating heart of Dubai, but rather interestingly that doesn’t always have to come at a price. As travelling to Dubai becomes more and more popular, as does the flight regularity and the competition to be the chosen hotel of the tourists en-route. From the world’s tallest building the ‘Burj Khalifa’ to the number one rated waterpark outside of the US ‘Aquaventure waterpark’ there are countless things to see and do while in Dubai.


Picking a hotel in Dubai is a thing of preference with more 5-star options available than almost anywhere else in the world you are bound to be spoiled for choice. We are here to offer our extensive advice for anything of this nature so feel free to call or pop in store. Dubai holidays are something we have specialised in for over a decade.





When considering your winter sun holiday, Cuba deserves a lot of thought. The island of Cuba isn’t just a gem of the Caribbean, but it is quite rightly a gem of the world. History and character intermingle with the fantastic beaches expected of the Caribbean to form fascination which is almost indescribable to the sense.


So, what suits your taste? In our opinion the best way to truly feel Cuba is to open your mind to all of its mystifying magic. Yes, a luxurious beach break should 100% be on the cards, but how about combining those days on the beach with a few spent in Havana, soaking up one of the most unbelievable cities in the world?


Havana is best described as a life-size jigsaw puzzle of bright coloured houses and 1950’s cars. The capital city of communist Cuba seems to be completely stuck in the past, but unlike anywhere else in the world Havana wants to stay exactly where it is. People move slowly here, apart from when their dancing, it's calculated and methodical but in that way alone it’s perfect. The food is as eye-catching here as the architecture, and as magnificent on the taste buds also, Cuba really does have it all and therefore, winter sun, why not?



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