Making the most of Pakistan


With more of our custom making the most of the consistently cheap flight prices with PIA, we thought it's about time we gave you our opinion on how to make the most of your next holiday. Pakistan is a country filled with adventure, from the winding trails of the Chinese border to the hustle-bustle of vibrant Lahore a trip to Pakistan offers much more than meets the eye. 



The People 


Firstly, the Pakistani people are some of the most welcoming in the world; this makes travelling around Pakistan a wholly refreshing experience. Strangers will ask where you're heading and offer advice and help, for along the way. So open your mind and your mouth and engage with those around you. 


When Should you go? 

When it comes to visiting Pakistan, we would often suggest September or October as the best months; this is due to the temperature and climate. In these months the valleys of northern Pakistan are at their most beautiful and also it's not too cold for an avid traveller to wander down the many beaten tracks. The southern cities are also not unbearably humid, so it offers a brilliant balance to your trip. Flights from Manchester to Lahore or flights from Manchester to Islamabad are generally priced well at this time of the year, therefore, look at making the most of the cheap flights. 


City life 


Flying into Islamabad or Lahore on PIA may be more accessible than ever but making the decision to visit one of these cities over the other certainly isn't. What is brilliant about Pakistan as a destination is the variance and stark contrast of its main cities. 




Lahore is the beating heart of the Punjab province. The city is filled with fantastic Mughul and colonial architecture and is a must for all those who are interested in learning the history of this brilliant country. The Badshahi mosque is an absolute must while visiting, as it is one of the most famous buildings in Pakistan and one of the most recognisable mosques in the world. 



Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, and as a city, it is mapped out almost entirely to the vision of the Pakistani government. Islamabad is exactly what modern Pakistan should look like, with the Faisal Mosque being the jewel in its crown. The city in contrast to Lahore is very green and rich in life, and there are plenty of fantastic viewpoints where you can capture that perfect, breathtaking photograph. 


Venture away 


Head away from the chaos of the cities and find yourself in some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. North of Islamabad is the city of Gilgit, home to the unimaginably beautiful Fairy Meadows. The national park, which is set at the foot of Nanga Parbat, is one of the most extraordinary settings you are likely ever to see. If you are travelling around the country, we would suggest heading into the city first and leaving the things you don't wish to carry around while hiking in your hotel room. Then off you go, the option to climb the mountain, which is the 9th tallest in the world, is available, while not being one for the faint-hearted. Or you can simply spend the time hiking the vast beauty of the meadows below. 



Money, Money Money, 


Finally, it's the first question we are always asked when it comes to travel, how much is it going to cost? Well, now that travelling to Pakistan is cheaper than ever before, we would suggest not half as much as you would expect. The cost of living is almost 70% cheaper than in the UK, meaning all your meals and amenities are easily affordable. If you wanted to save even more money, travelling around Pakistan on a budget is even easier still. With brilliant street vendors selling food in all the main cities and the cost of hiking is simply whatever your body can handle, why not book your cheap flight to Islamabad or your cheap flight to Lahore with us today?