Why Oh Why Dubai

Why Oh Why, Dubai?



In the past twenty-years Dubai has surged from the back of the pack to become one of the favourite destinations for international travellers. With an estimated figure of around 16 million tourists now heading to the gem of the desert yearly, we ask the question, why Dubai?


Well, quite honestly, there is no place on earth like Dubai. As a destination, it ticks almost any box that a tourist would want to tick, and it does it with such garish style. Dubai is everything that generation Z asks for in a holiday, it's loud, in your face and totally instagrammable. Trust us, none of those are negatives when it comes to this brilliant destination. But the big question is, how can you travel for cheap?


Getting to Dubai is actually cheaper than ever before. Due to the competition being so fierce right now. Also making the most of discounted holiday prices during the January sales may reduce the cost even further. How to travel on a budget, was never really a question we heard when managing enquiries for Dubai. However, as the travel industry has become so much more congested, everyone wants the best travel offer. 



Where to stay?


Where you stay in Dubai is largely down to what sort of holiday you are looking for. 


Take me to the beach!


If it's a beach holiday you're looking for, then we would always suggest checking out hotels located on the Palm. As well as being one of Dubai's most famous attractions, the hand-sculpted Palm Dubai is a brilliantly relaxing location, with countless five-star hotels and private beaches galore. The hotels on the Palm are traditionally geared towards providing luxury for the whole family, which is what a holiday to Dubai is all about. Even if you choose not to stay there, we would suggest visiting Atlantis, purely because its scale and detail are out of this world, and it's very much a Dubai landmark to tick off your list.


The Palm is well within travelling distance of the Dubai Mall. Therefore you can still see the highlights of this metropolis while being able to return to your beach hideaway at any point.





Staying for the weekend.


If you have a shorter break planned, then we would advise staying in the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) area of Dubai. In JBR you are situated within perfect distance of everything and the hotels are equally well-equipped with beaches, so make no mistake this is not your everyday city break destination. The walk is a mile-long strip of shops and eateries, allowing you to do some of your gift shopping without veering too far from your hotel and of course the beach.


The future is close to JBR.


Dubai's latest development, Bluewaters Island, is within eyeshot from JBR. When completed, it will be home to hotels, entertainments facilities and the most heralded Dubai Eye. The Eye will be the largest Ferris wheel in the world upon completion, meaning at JBR you'll be a little closer to the latest project than you will anywhere else in Dubai.


We currently have the Roda Amwaj JBR at an all-time cheap price.





When do I book?


Well, we would suggest making the most of the current savings and booking as soon as possible. However, we would always advise avoiding the summer months as mid-summer temperature can be far too hot to handle. 


We have offers across our site for the whole month of January. We will be reducing our favourite Dubai hotels to all-time low prices.