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OK, I know what you’re thinking…Disneyland! Yes, of course, Disneyland is an option but let’s leave that on the back-burner for now. The ‘Sunshine state’ goes about its business in around 20 Celsius heat all year around therefore life just gravitates towards the fabulous beaches for which it is universally famous.

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Florida as a state boasts more coastline than any other state apart from Alaska and has major cities such as Miami and Jacksonville situated so perfectly near the shore. In recent years Florida has revitalised its image, no longer is visiting all about surf and sea, Miami has become progressively commercial and increased its ranking globally as a hub for fashion and culture. But for those wanting typical Florida, you have Tampa Bay, where white sand beaches and the relaxing flow of the Mexican Gulf just lapping at your feet is a given. For somewhere in-between the charm of Florida Key’s is second-to-none, a collection of islands connected by an over-water highway bring that wooden beach-bum feel, while also playing home to an abundance of history and entertainment. The snorkelling is unbeatable too.
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