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The largest Ionian island, Kefalonia is a paradise right on your doorstep. With beaches that are comparable to the Caribbean and charming little villages, Kefalonia really should be high on your list of priorities. A way from the medieval buildings and countless monasteries Kefalonia is home to the very cosmopolitan Fiscardo, this little port plays home to expensive yachts and some wonderful Greek restaurants with the freshest seafood around.

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The staggered coastline of Kefalonia creates numerous secluded beaches, coves and caves all of which are as picturesque as you are likely to ever see. In particular Myrtos beach is one of the must see beaches not only in Kefalonia but in the world. It exists at the bottom of an incredibly steep descent and once you arrive there are no amenities on the beach so we would advise bringing your dinner with you. Once you reach the viewing gallery half way down you will understand why this beach receives global praise.
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