Imperial Marrakesh

Published Friday, 5 October 2018 by Dale Edwards

Morocco’s fourth largest city happens to be one of the most popular destinations right now, here at Royal Travel we have specialised in trips to Marrakesh for over a decade and we will highlight all the reasons why this fantastic destination just keeps growing in popularity.




When should you visit?


Marrakesh is at its most fantastic in the spring so any time from March-May, the temperature at this time of the year is manageable but without the nights becoming too cold. The next most pleasant is Autumn, obviously it is still tempting to head towards the sun in the stifling heat of summer, but we warn against underestimating the heat which can easily top 45 degrees in mid-summer. It is also vital to remember during Ramadan some of the eateries will be closed.




Where should you spend your time on arrival?



Well for us Marrakesh is very much a city for the senses, it is waiting to light up your imagination and create some fantastic memories to reminisce of in the future. The Koutoubia mosque sits in the southwest of the city and rises high from the ground to enough to make it visible throughout Marrakesh. As the call to prayer rings out, it litters the city with people and a tangible flurry of daily excitement which is a must-see experience during your holiday to Marrakesh. The medina is one of those which needs to be seen to be believed, the countless shops and stalls pack the narrow alleyways and streets full of colour and life. Artisans and traders have every traditional Moroccan delicacy, from the wonderfully colourful bags and slippers to the invigorating spices. To truly make the most of your holiday to morocco make sure to barter with the local store traders.




What not to do.



Please remember that despite the constant barrage of tourists, Marrakesh is still a predominantly Muslim country, therefore avoid travelling around the local amenities too scantily clad, that goes for both men and women, cover up where possible and appreciate the weather fully in the secrecy of your hotel. Also, its important to remember that never everyone who says they work for you hotel do, please be careful and vigilant when it comes to this, check with your hotel beforehand if it has any external staff and be prepared for locals to do all they can in an attempt to sell you their goods.