City Breaks with Royal Travel

Published Wednesday, 16 May 2018 by Waseem Majid

For those who want a shorter holiday that’s still full of interesting activities and beautiful sights, a short city break is ideal. Whether it’s for a long weekend, or a full week, there are plenty of destinations that will let you soak up the sights, sounds and culture of a foreign country without breaking the bank. Simply call, visit our website, or drop in to our travel store to arrange a trip today.


See the world one weekend at a time

Unlike holiday resorts designed specifically for tourists, city breaks allow you to take a holiday at your own pace, and see a genuine side of the country, not just beaches and tourist traps. Depending on your city of choice, activities and attractions can vary from street markets and museums to hikes and heritage sites, meaning that there’s something for everyone.


Where to go?

While there are dozens of glamourous cities across the world, it is essential to pick one that is best suited to your interests and budget. Metropolitan Paris is out of many people’s budget, and ex-Communist Warsaw while cheap, is still struggling to reinvent itself after decades of political turmoil. Instead, we at Royal Travel have some suggestions to make your city break one to remember.


Marrakech, Morocco

The fourth largest city in Morocco, nicknamed ‘the red city’ because of the striking red clay used in much of its traditional architecture. Founded almost 1000 years ago on the edge of the Sahara, this market town grew to become one of the great cities of Morocco, and the street markets (or souqs) are still a major attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Tourism is widely encouraged in Marrakech, as the reigning Moroccan monarch – Mohammed VI – wishes to increase tourism in Morocco to 20 million by 2020. As such, Marrakech offers excellent value for money (if you don’t spend too much in the markets) and is an excellent holiday destination in spring and autumn, though the summer heat – known to go as high as 45°C – can be overwhelming.



Istanbul, Turkey

Unlike any other city in the world, Istanbul is split between two continents by the Bosphorus Strait, with one side residing in Europe, and the other in Asia. The city is an ideal holiday destination for those interested in history and culture, as the city was founded by the Greeks in the 7th century, before being conquered and renamed by the Ottoman empire in 1453. The old quarter, adorned with inspiring domes and minarets, is full of temples, palaces and mosques from the ancient Byzantine Church of the Holy Wisdom to the awe-inspiring Topkapi Palace.

Unlike Marrakech, Istanbul is a more temperate city and suitable to visit all year round, though cold winds blow from the Black Sea during the winter months of December to March. If you’re considering a visit to the jewel of the Ottoman empire, please call, visit our website, or visit our travel store.



A city break to one of these glamourous locations might be perfect for you, but if you’re still uncertain, please get in contact with one of our dedicated travel agents.