Europe's Hidden Gem

Published Friday, 26 April 2019 by Dale Edwards

For those who don’t know Ljubljana is the Capital city of Slovenia, and being sandwiched in between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia is partly the reason that Ljubljana itself remains such a secret. As its bigger and bolder neighbours bask in the spotlight of tourism, Slovenia goes about its business entirely at its own pace.



Ljubljana is a spectacularly beautiful city, framed by picturesque rolling hills and a constant shimmer of greenery and natural beauty, Ljubljana is a city just waiting to be explored. After being named the European Green Capital in 2016, the pride the people of the city have in their green areas and natural beauty is right at the heart of life in Ljubljana. In the winter the temperature drops below freezing, meaning that snow is almost a certainty, but even during the thicker seasons Ljubljana never seems to drop its pace. Food and drink are at the heart of the Slovenian culture and you will never run out of options when choosing where to enjoy your evening meal.



The local food markets are full of the necessary hustle bustle of life and they offer the opportunity to feel it first hand, with fresh ingredients and local delicacies all available in abundance. A holiday to Ljubljana isn’t only popular for romantic breaks but also has a thriving underground cultural scene, with spray paint and art adorning the streets of the Metelkova district of the city it highlights the versatility of Ljubljana as a destination.


If you are looking at doing something different from all your friends, how about discovering the hidden gem that is Ljubljana.