New Year, New You!

Published Thursday, 18 October 2018 by Dale Edwards

I know what you’re thinking…Where on Earth has 2018 gone? Well, despite thinking exactly the same, we are looking forward and here at Royal Travel we are already looking at where on earth 2019 can begin. So how about booking your first holiday of next year as soon as you possibly can? We are going to put together a list of our four favourite places to bring in the new year and how best to spend your 2019 holidays.

So, what is desperately needed from a New Year’s getaway? In our opinion its everything from a wonderful setting, a brilliant celebration (of course fireworks are included) and a nice warm climate the following morning.





Dubai quite obviously does opulence all year around and New Year’s is no different. All the usual amenities are just as popular, from the Dubai mall to the Burj Khalifa, the latter of which plays host to a fantastic firework display on New Year’s Eve. The temperature in Dubai at this time of year is incredibly manageable, while still totally pleasing. What’s more is you can roll out of bed and spend the first day of 2019 being waited on in complete five-star luxury.





It’s really no surprise that the Sydney Harbour firework display was enough to get a place on our list, the Harbour Bridge and Opera House provide the most stunning surroundings for the celebrations. It’s important to remember you are one of the first people in the world to bring in the new year, especially in a major city and that’s one to tick off the list for sure! It’s the start of summer in Sydney and therefore spending your holidays on the beach are just one of the many perks of this fabulous destination. Something which is chilled while still having all the necessities of the city, what could be better for 2019!





Staying a little closer to home this new year isn’t particularly a bad thing, especially with one of the most celebrated fireworks displays globally. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs to make the most of when visiting London, the city provides something for everyone, whether it be a Michelin starred romantic meal or somewhere a little more rustic to dance and sing until the early hours. London is a cultural metropolis and has so much to do that you could never run out of options, however it’s important to remember around New Years the city grows incredibly busy, the Fireworks display is indeed ticketed and has been since 2014 and most places will charge an entry fee so please take this into account.





Did you know, that the second biggest party thrown in the beating heart of Brazil is New Year’s Eve? It comes in just behind Carnival for the amount of people present and every one of them is having a good time. The main party is of course on Copacabana beach, where the fireworks light the vast open skies and everyone’s mind is fully fixed on the chance to start a new. The local will wear predominately white to symbolise the fresh new start January brings, it is really something to watch them toss flowers into the surf in the hope they don’t return and their wishes for the new year shall be granted. There are less populated parties also going on throughout the city and its important to remember within the floods of people it’s easy to become disorientated and lose others. The packed beaches are also an easy target for pickpockets, we would advise if travelling with children to get yourselves one of the fantastic beach-view rooms and soak up the party from above.


So where will 2019 lead you and most importantly where will it start? Be sure to get lost in all our fantastic offers to find the one which will begin your adventure.