The Next Emirate

Published Wednesday, 20 February 2019 by Dale Edwards



How do you stand out from the lofty shadow of Dubai? That is the question that Ras Al Khaimah has, in its own time had to figure out. After visiting last October, I still contemplate how RAK answered this question so brilliantly. Whilst still being an overlooked and somewhat unknown destination this Emirate is slowly creeping into more conversations as the next go to destination and quite honestly, it’s totally understandable. So, what does RAK bring to the ever-expanding table of brilliant locations? Well, how do you like your weather? Because if its moderate or below I would forget about reading this, although the locals will tell you its moderate at anything around 30 degrees. I know it sounds painfully obvious but when heading to the desert, it’s going to be hot. In the height of summer, the heat peaks at about mid 40’s and at rock bottom is around mid 30’s, so yes, its hotter than most of your popular destinations, but is totally bearable at the same time.


Ras Al Khaimah differs from neighbouring Dubai in that its beaches are natural and therefore a lot more popular with travellers. The beaches are shared by the many all-inclusive complexes and therefore no travel is needed from most hotels to enjoy a day on the sand. The comparison which suits RAK best would be your central American destinations, whereby you laze away your days without a care in the world and without the need or desire to leave your complex. However, RAK has an ace up its sleeve when you compare it directly to say, Cuba or the Dominican Republic. Ironically after stressing its difference that ace is indeed its neighbour and competition, Dubai.


Dubai offers those staying in RAK the opportunity to visit one of the true metropolitan wonders of the world, whilst also being away from the hustle bustle and noise of the emirate itself. Almost all the hotels in Ras Al Khaimah run coach trips to the Dubai Mall, and most are weekly or more frequent. Therefore, you can tick a trip up the Burj off your bucket list without being situated in the heart of Dubai itself which can be too vast and brash for some.


Much alike its neighbours, Ras Al Khaimah certainly hasn’t done things in halves, the resorts are vast without being overwhelming and are every bit as modernised, while remaining traditional in terms of surrounding and location. Travelling outside of your resort in RAK highlights the stark difference with neighbouring Dubai and Abu Dhabi, small Emirati ghost towns are populated here and there with the odd shop which are only really used by locals. The desert of RAK also offers fantastic opportunities for Safari Trips, camel riding and off-roading and the local Bedouin camps really are a fantastic night away from the complex.


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