The Eternal City

Published Wednesday, 5 September 2018 by Dale Edwards

The Eternal City


Rome is the most glorious reminder of why as humans we have achieved the seemingly unachievable feats without really knowing it. The eternal city does what it says on the label, it stands almost entirely as it did thousands of years ago as if entirely revenant and untouchable. Italy is undoubtedly one of the most diverse countries in Europe, from rolling hills and picturesque natural beauty to ageing architectural phenomena, there is something for everyone. Sitting by the Trevi fountain, whose magnificent is played down by the wonders which surround it, offers you a taste of what Rome is all about. To think that such a skilled piece of artwork is there for all to see, to touch and to feel a part of is an indescribable feeling. She isn’t hidden behind a glass cabinet like Michelangelo’s fantastic Pieta and doesn’t come with a maze-like walk or entry free like the Sistine Chapel. She welcomes the hordes of tourists to Rome and indeed on a trip through history.



The appeal of Rome doesn’t stop at the majesty of its history, the city is as well-versed in cosmopolitan culture as any major city you are likely to find. Fashion and food move at the city’s core with countless luxury fashion brands such as Fendi calling the city home. As of 2018, the city is also home to no less than SEVEN Michelin starred restaurants, with the notorious La Pergola holding not just one but THREE of its own! So, food, fashion and history, and Rome still doesn’t stop there.



The true charm of Rome is not just all the wonderful things mentioned above, but it actually lies in its accessibility. The city has a completely relaxed way of making you feel at total ease, it would be easy to think that a city which hides, the Colosseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum within its walls, would be so vast that travelling within it becomes impossible. However, with Rome this couldn’t be less accurate, there are countless ways that you can actually tick off everything on the must-see list in just one day; personally, we wouldn’t advise this as spending less than an hour in the Pantheon is nothing short of criminal. Either way in only a handful of days everything Rome has to offer can be witnessed and appreciated, when it comes to European cities, Rome is the gift which keeps on giving and is a fantastic reminder of how we should be eternally grateful for the eternal city.


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