The World Is Yours

Published Wednesday, 5 September 2018 by Dale Edwards

The World Is Yours…


Did you know that not travelling enough is one of the most common deathbed regrets worldwide? A macabre note to start on we know, but we feel it gives the severity needed when it comes to discussing travel. The world has always been our oyster and our tendency to appreciate the comfort we have around us will also reign supreme. However, how often have you been in a conversation and like a bolt of lightning realisation has hit you, the bittersweet realisation that you simply don’t understand the person in front of you? We are not suggesting a full-on epiphany but rather something as simple as a language barrier. Of course, that’s just the start of it, appreciating someone’s opinion and point of view is almost impossible without an open mind and idea of their humble of opulent beginnings.


So, what’s the excuse? Spreading your memories is no longer for the poet of yesterday, despite the daily flurry of travel quotes across social media feeds, most of which were pre-1980. The world now lives and exists no more than the click of a button away, which is a novelty those yesteryear writers and even the elderly still amongst us could never have fathomed while growing up. Take advantage of this is the most honest advice we could ever give.



Seeing the world is entirely life-changing and coming to terms with how simple life actually is when abstract poverty sits at your feet is as humbling and beneficial as any amount of education ever will be. The encouragement is there, cheaper flights and accommodation are commonplace with the competitive nature of the internet opening doors around the globe left, right and centre. There are websites where you can stay in someone’s spare room, which occasionally still looks like the office or box room it used to be, there are apps you can download whereby you partner up with people and travel together to lessen costs. Take advantage of the generation we live in, and just breathe and let go, as your place in the world waits for you alone.


Feel your way into something altogether more significant than you would ever believe and embrace each passing second of it. Get lost on a plane, train or automobile and just appreciate every feeling which courses through your body adrenaline and fear, in fact, do more than appreciate that fear, cherish it. When it comes to your world ending as unfortunately for all of us it eventually does, don’t be one of the many who profoundly regret not seeing more.


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